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types of construction equipment

If you are in the construction business, you know how many machines it can take to keep things rolling, but if you aren’t as familiar with all of the different types of construction equipment as well as what they are used for but are still looking into making the investment to purchase some equipment, check out our information below!




An excavator is one of the more common types of construction equipment. They have many uses throughout the construction world including demolition, heavy lifting, moving materials, and more! They are very versatile because various attachments can be used in order to complete different jobs.


Backhoe Loader

A backhoe loader or “backhoe” is a widely used piece of construction equipment because of their many abilities. The machine is made up of a bucket in the back for digging, and a shovel like front for pushing, hauling, grading, and other projects.



Bulldozers are a reliable, large piece of equipment used mostly for pushing dirt around. They are strong pieces of equipment that feature a large metal plate type scraper on the front that can be raised and lowered in order to attain the depth needed. Bulldozers are used to push ground matter around and grate the ground.



Skid-steers are a small machine in the construction industry. They are extremely flexible in capability because you can have multiple attachments for them. Skid-steers can be used to grate, dig holes, haul materials, snow blow, and more! These machines are also generally run with wheels or tracks so they have the advantage of being great in snow and other weather conditions!



Graders are most commonly used in the construction of roads. A grader has a blade that is located between the front and rear wheels that grates the ground when lowered and in use. As stated previously, a grader is most commonly used to flatten out the ground in preparation and construction of a road.


Dump Truck

Dump trucks are one of the simplest forms of construction equipment and are widely used in many types of construction. Dump trucks haul, dump, and carry large quantities of material including dirt, rocks, minerals and other matter from place to place.

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