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About Us:

Started in 2012, Rangerbid.com (based out of Byron Center, MI) was created to help businesses utilize online auctions and marketing strategies to sell direct to the end user. With Rangerbid.com you have access to sell to businesses all over the United States with ease right from your own location. With our services, sellers save on logistics, hassle and liability, while still receiving professional support and assistance with marketing and transactions. When you sell your equipment and assets through our online auctions you can be sure to receive the best customer service available. Learn more about how we can help with online equipment auctions, online construction auctions, online commercial industrial auctions, municipal online auctions and farm equipment auctions both in Michigan and across the country.

How It Works:

List your items with Rangerbid.com and then let our marketing team do their work, our accounting department collect your money and our support team coordinate the transaction and collect your check. The process is simple, high powered, efficient and trustworthy. Each item is sold directly from its working environment so buyers can see the care given to each piece. As the seller, you will have the opportunity to sell your items through our online auctions without the costs usually associated with transporting your equipment to a fixed auction site. Plus, you can choose to use one of our online auction marketing plans, which will get the news out about your auction and increase your profits. It’s easy to conduct business auctions in Michigan and around the country with Rangerbid.com.

As a buyer, you will have the opportunity to win items through all of the different online auctions – from online construction auctions, online farm equipment auctions, and commercial industrial auctions both online and live.

General Information:

Rangerbid.com offers an array of online equipment auctions for both buyers and sellers all over Michigan and across the United States. We service and assist companies all over the country that are looking to sell industrial equipment and buy commercial equipment at our Michigan auctions.

Auctions & Services We Offer:

  • Heavy equipment online auctions
  • Industrial equipment auctions
  • U.S. and Michigan online auctions
  • Online farm equipment auctions
  • Construction auctions
  • Business auctions in Michigan & across the U.S.
  • Municipal online auctions & government liquidation auctions
  • Online auction marketing plans for consignors

We are your online equipment auction solution without all the hassle!

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