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Trendway Asset Liquidation

Paint Booths & Air Exchange System to be Auctioned Off

Looking for some painting equipment? Trendway Corporation in Holland, Michigan is liquidating a few of their larger assets including two paint booths and an air exchange system. Currently operating as part of their furniture manufacturing, these assets are perfect to help grow the painting or woodworking part of your own company! This auction will take place on Wednesday, September 25th starting at 8am and beginning to close at 6pm the same day. Check out some more information about these lots or click here to go right to the auction!

2013 Thierica Manual Paint Booth

This paint booth has a tube frame module construction measuring 12 feet deep by 14 feet wide when measured across the exterior. The booth is built of aluminized interior wall panels with an  epoxy coasted exterior frame. It has an open face booth design with cross draft air flow with booth mounted exhaust blowers with interlocked air flow switch. Florescent light fixtures with rear overhead access are included as well. The open floor design allows for easy manual entry and exit and parts transfer as work is completed. The exhaust blowers have variable speed drives in order to adjust air velocity across the booth depending on the product being painted. 

Additional Features:

  • Filtered exhaust plenum t0 accommodate pre-filter and bag filter
  • Hinged Wearlon coated baffle sections in front of filter grid
  • Static pressure sensor across filter section to monitor filter loading
  • One set of initial filters supplied with the booth
  • Independent control panel for local booth operation
  • Exhaust stacks from booth mounted exhaust blower through the roof

Starting Bid: $5.00

paint booth

McQuay model RPS090DLA Air Exchange Unit

This Daikin McQuay Air Exchange Unit is roughly five years old and is in great condition! Used to keep airflow steady throughout the building, this will be a perfect addition for your company’s space. Click the button below to bid on this great lot!

Starting Bid: $100.00

We hope that you find something that will fit your business’s needs perfectly! If you have any questions please contact us here.  Click the button below to discover the rest of the auction: